Q&A with Mia Hamm


Fempower Q&A’s: Hi, Mia! We’re thrilled to have you on Fempower Q&A’s. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.


Mia Hamm: I spend most of my time helping parent our three wonderful children with my husband. I am fortunate enough to still be very involved in the sport I love (soccer) as a coach (Team First Soccer Academy), advisor (AS Roma) and as a part owner (LAFC). The game of soccer has been so good to me and I just hope to continue to help grow it in this country and abroad.


FQA: What obstacles have you faced in order to reach the very high and competitive level of soccer that you did?

MH: The hardest thing growing up was finding places to play at a high level since our family moved a lot. In fact, soccer was the one constant in my life and it enabled me to meet so many great people and open up so many wonderful doors for me.


FQA: Was there any point in your soccer career when you wanted to give up? 

MH: If so, how did you overcome this? I faced adversity like a lot of people do in sport but I never considered giving up. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by such a great family, terrific friends, and teammates that helped me though the tough times.


FQA: In your opinion, what makes someone a great leader? 

MH: I think leaders come in all shapes and sizes. There is no magic formula but you must lead by example. You also need to be caring and connected to those that you are leading in order to be effective.


FQA: What projects are you currently working on? 

MH: Mia Hamm Foundation and its missions is always near and dear to my heart. I am also dedicating a lot of time to our Team First Soccer Academies so that we can instill the correct skills and values in the next generation of girls that love this game.


FQA: What was the best part about playing for on the US Women’s National soccer team? 

MH: My favorite part was being able to represent this great country with a group of women that I loved and admired. There is no greater honor than to wear the Red, White and Blue.


FQA: Who is your hero/heroine? 

MH: Aside from my parents, my hero was probably my brother, Garrett, who passed away from complications of a bone marrow transplant. He was such a great athlete and kind person but most importantly, he handled his disease and lot in life with such grace. He was such an inspiration to all of us. 


Follow Mia on twitter: @MiaHamm

Mia Hamm Foundation: http://www.miafoundation.org/index/


Image: http://www.miafoundation.org/index/